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The alliance

We are a group of political activists, scholars and representatives of different civil society initiatives.


We want to provoke a broad and critical discussion about the colonial history of Bremen & aim to investigate the role the city and its citizens played within it. We work to reveal the

colonial-racist structures that run through our society and are committed to creating more visibility for the effects that colonialism still has on the present. With our work we advocate for a decolonization of the public space, knowledge and the politics of remembrance.

"Decolonisation"... what does it mean at all??

decolonial: an attitude or an idea of the world that tries to think and write history not only from Europe. It understands people and regions of the world, that were opressed since the european colonial expansion in the 15th century, as subjects. Decolonial does not only refer to the practical decolonization of national states, but also to the deconstruction, unlearning and renewal of patterns of thought and structures. The term decolonization decribes the process of a critical analysis of colonial history.

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