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# Together we are Bremen: Support our movement with a monthly donation

Together we are Bremen is existing now for more than one year! After our successful protests against the camp in Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße, which led to the closure of this camp, our fight to be accepted in Bremen continues.The last months we have protested against deportations and transfers of people away from Bremen. We raised against racism in all its brutal forms. We claimed the right to stay. We demanded regularisation of documents, access to schools, the health care system, regular accommodation and a future here in Bremen.


There have been many little successes: Some people have received a so-called Duldung (temporary suspension of deportation, which is no Aufenthaltserlaubnis – temporary residence permit) through courts decisions, some are going to schools by now, some have even been accepted as minors by the system. And those who are left alone and on the streets by the state are not alone: By organizing ourselves we can support each other in managing the daily struggles.
By generating donations we can make sure everyone has some basics to eat. By calling upon other Bremen people to open their houses we created places for individual people to stay. The preconditions of our movement are probably the worst a political protest can have. But they also make our protest stronger and longer-lasting than others: We have no other choice.

So far money has come from: individual donations at our protest activities, donations of groups or teams and through Crowdfunding-Campaigns; it was generated by solidarity-parties our group organizes.Right now we want to stabilize the financial situation. To make sure, that we have a safe perspective for the many next month to come we call upon everyone who has a little spare money to become a regular financial supporter to this group and to this cause. Even small monthly contributions of 10 € can help a lot to enable us to continue the fight.The money is used for tram tickets, to enable those out of the system to buy food and medicine, for little contributions to rents we sometimes have to pay for the solidarity-rooms. In general: The stuff most other organisations do not have to worry about because they are (at least) not illegalized as persons.

How to make a donation?


You can donate to a private account or to the account of the association BreSoC (BremenSolidarityCenter).

You can donate to the private account in case you don’t need a receipt for your taxes. For us the private account means less administrative requirements. Send us an email to or send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the account information.


In case you prefer the BreSoC account you can use these transaction details:
Recipient: BreSoC (Bremen Solidarity Centre) e.V.
IBAN: DE92 4306 0967 2074 0487 00
Bank institute: GLS Bank
Reference: regelmäßige Spende TWAB


Please help us to share this urgent call for donations.
Here you can find the .pdf version of the flyer.

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