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Decolonizing the Cinema?!

 Dates at City 46 in Bremen:

13th of December 2018

Millis Awakening

"Decolonizing the cinema?!"

Decolonize Bremen presenting the film:

Millis awakening By Natasha A. Kelly


Black artists of various generations get a chance to speak. Artists who have -in and through their artistic work- overcome the stereotypes of colonial tradition and formed their own, self-chosen identities as black women* in a majorly white German society.

Differing from the dominant narrative of film and viewing behavior, the focus lies on collective experiences and emotions of black artists* in their interlaced diversity, while showing the continuity of black feminism in Germany.


Film with discussion and Spoken Word Performance


Filmmaker Natasha A. Kelly and Maseho, poet, storyteller, painter and illustrator will be present!


In coorperation with BreSoC, City 46 and Demokratie Leben


*Ger with engl. subtitles


*translation in ger/engl/fr


The book of same name, including complete interviews, will be available after the screening.

6 pm, City46, Birkenstraße 1, Bremen

13th & 14th of June 2017, 8:30 pm

Majubs Journey & The colonial Misunderstanding

Majubs Journey & The colonial Misunderstanding: In »Majubs Journey« Eva Knopf narrates the incredible biography of the Tanzanian Majub bin Adam Mohamed, who had several featured parts in German movies in the 1930s. Majub died in 1944 in the concentration camp Sachsenhausen (D 2013, 48 Min.).
In »The colonial Misunderstanding« Jean-Marie Téno examines the relationships of christian mission and colonialism, amongst others the genocide of Herero and Nama in 1904/1907 (F/D 2004, 76 Min., original version with German subtitles - Unfortunately English subtitles are not available).

23rd of June 2017, 8:30 pm


Xala: 1960 Senegal freed itself from France but with "liberation" only a bit improved for the people. Now compatriots exploit them (SEN 1975, R: O. Sembene; original version with German subtitles - Unfortunately English subtitles are not available)

Dates at CINE-K in Oldenburg:

On two evenings works of the significant, Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembene (1923-2007) will be screened, with the opportunity for an open discussion afterwards. The movies will be in French/Wolof with German subtitles.

20th of June 2017, 7:30 pm

La Noire de ...

Diouna, a young person from senegal, starts working as Nanny at a french couples house. She leaves Dakar to go to France. But the dream of a beautiful live is destroit through the permanent abasement and tokenism from the white boss – until Diouna decides to finish that. //

La jeune Sénégalaise Diouna commence á travailler comme nurse / bonne d'enfants chez un couple francaise. Pour cela, elle quitte Dakar et demenage / va á France. Le rêve d'une belle vie casse dans les permanentes humiliations des patrons blanchs – jusqu'elle prend la decision de finir.

28th of June 2017, 8:00 pm


It is the dawn of Senegal's independence from France, but as the citizens celebrate in the streets we soon become aware that only the faces have changed. White money still controls the government. One official, Aboucader Beye, known by the title "El Hadji," takes advantage of some of that money to marry his third wife, to the sorrow and chagrin of his first two wives and the resentment of his nationalist daughter. But he discovers on his wedding night that he has been struck with a "xala," a curse of impotence. //

En commence/au debutt de l'independance en Senegal de France et la population celebre dans la rue, on realise qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de changement de relations, seulement de visages. L'argent blanche control le gouvernement. L'officier, Aboucader Beye, qui est connu avec le titre „El Hadji“, prend le profit de l'argent de se marrier avec un troixieme famme. Ca provoque le regret des autres femmes et de sa fille nationaliste. Dans la nuit de son marriage il remarque, qu'il y a le jaron à lui – "Xala".



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