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Workshops for school classes

The German colonial history is a subject mostly disregarded in the syllabus of contemporary schools. However, why it is important to deal with this part of German history? Where does this still affect the life of young people? We will discuss these and other questions within a workshop of 3-5 days.

These workshops will take place in coopertion with the LidiceHaus.

Postcolonial city tours

Traces of German and European colonialism are omnipresent in the urban space of Bremen. Many street names, memorials and buildings refer to the time of German colonialism and bear witness to the participation of Bremen and its citizens in the European expansion.

At the same time, the colonial origin and history of these places is mostly unknown.

We offer two different city tours which reveal these colonial traces. During the tours we will visit some of these places and learn about their history as well as about today’s dealing with the colonial past and possibilities of decolonisation in Germany.


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